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My name is Fiona and I live near the lovely town of Holywood on the County Down coast.
Thank you so much for visiting my website and here is a little bit about myself!
My great love of travel started at the early age of 5 when my Dad used to take me to watch the planes taking-off and landing at Dulles Airport in Washington DC. I can also remember a game we played whereby he would ask me to name the capital city of various countries and I just got hours of amusement from this.
After completing my degree in French at the Queens University of Belfast, I took a year out during which I spent 4 months in the beautiful city of Vancouver with my Aunt and Uncle. I had an amazing time, and finally made my mind up that I wanted to start my working career in the travel industry.
I now have over 30 years of experience in mainly business travel, and it really is hard to believe where the time has gone! I started in the travel agency environment before I moved into the IT industry nearly 18 years ago where my expertise was, for the most part, managing corporate travel programs. I guess, therefore, that I can say I’ve worked on both sides of the fence so have an excellent understanding of the needs of both the client and the supplier.
The company which I most recently worked for has 5 core values: Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Humility and Transparency and I genuinely believe that I live my life in accordance with these values. They are of a great help to me in my workplace and personal life.
I am absolutely delighted to now be at the stage in my career of running my own business and helping corporates to manage their travel programs. That said, I’m passionate about all aspects of travel and, in the knowledge that personal holidays are so important to us all, I would be more than happy to look after these too. I have travelled widely on long haul trips as well as weekend breaks and longer holidays within Europe.
I pride myself in offering a personal, cost-effective and time-saving service. My working hours are flexible, and I research every trip thoroughly to ensure best value, suitability and convenience are obtained. The term “that’ll do” just does not come into my vocabulary.
I do hope that my service may be of interest to you. I really would appreciate the opportunity to work with you with the aim of creating that “perfect trip” on numerous occasions!
Best Wishes,



Whatever your business needs I'm here to help you, so please get in touch with me and I can get things started:-

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