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My name is John and I have passion for providing quality service for corporate and leisure travellers.
I’ve always loved traveling to different countries, and trying different foods whilst exploring new sites and experiences. I understand first hand how daunting travelling abroad can sometimes be especially in the midst of a pandemic! I know how fundamental it is to have a reliable and trustworthy travel agent, that can be depended on at any given moment. This will enable you to do what matters most, run your business without any added stress, or simply to enjoy your holiday!
I am fortunate to have an expert team of Travel Counsellors around me, who all specialise in different areas and products whether that’s for leisure or business travel. So no matter what your enquiry might be I’ll be there to help at any given moment. I’ve always prided myself on being professional (this stems from my time in the RAF as a chef) whilst being open, personable and honest. I want all my clients to have the peace of mind, knowing that you have the security of booking via a reputable company like Travel Counsellors, and 24/7 support no matter how big or small your enquiry might be.

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